Policy Documents

Welcome to the policy documents page.

Policy documents ensure that school life is governed by a clear set of rules for any and every occasion. It ensures that there is a consistency of actions and resolutions for all children in our learning environment. They serve to keep standards high across the breadth of events that can take place and enable staff to re-visit these guidelines on a regular basis to re-evaluate procedures.

All of our policy documents are available to download via the links below.

Accessibility Plan

Anti Bullying Policy

Attendance Policy

Behaviour policy Sept 2020

Charging Policy January 2021



Data Protection Policy

School Dinner Money Debt Policy

EAL Policy

Exclusion Policy

E Safety Policy

Equality and Diversity Policy

First Aid Procedures Policy

Foundation Policy

Health & Safety Policy

HET Admissions Policy 2021-2022

HET Admissions Policy 2022-2023

HET-Safeguarding-Policy-September 2020

COVID 19 Child Protection Annex – Adelaide


Intimate Care Policy

Medical Policy

SEN Information Report

SEND Policy

Single Equality Policy

Single Equality Scheme Action Plan

Whistleblowing Policy