Year 2

Welcome to Year 2.

Our Year 2 teachers are Mrs Dodson and Miss Jordan.


Our Challenge Curriculum


Here at Adelaide Primary School we deliver the National Curriculum using a 'challenge curriculum' approach.

This year we will be investigating the following questions:


Autumn Term

- Would the Gruffalo make a good pet?

- What would the Gruffalo find exciting about Hull?

Which materials did they use to build the KC Stadium?



Spring Term

- How could you be the next Luke Campbell?

- Why was Neil Armstrong a very brave person?

- Do all animals hatch from eggs?

- Where would you prefer to live:England or Kenya?




Summer Term

- Are all animals afraid of the dark?

- Why did the Titanic sink? 

- How could you be the next master chef?

- Why do you love to be beside the seaside?





Both Year 2 classes have PE on Tuesday and Wednesday.

We need a white t-shirt, black shorts and a pair of sandshoes.




Our teachers give us new spellings and homework every Wednesday.


Useful websites

Here is a list of some useful website for year 2 pupils:

Phonics Play

ICT Games

Bug Club

Maths Games

BBC Revisewise

National Geographic




Colour Key


Year 2 Long Term Plan 2016 2017