Year 1

Our year 1 teachers are Mrs Walker and Miss Edwardson.


Our curriculum

Here at Adelaide Primary School we deliver the new 2014 National Curriculum using a 'challenge curriculum' approach.

This year we will be investigating the following questions:


Autumn Term

- Which birds and plants will Little Red Riding Hood find on our school field?

- Where do all of the leaves go in winter?

- How have we changed since we were a baby?

- How can we design and make a moving toy?

- Where will our magic carpet take us?


Spring Term

- What do aliens think of life on Earth?

- Would the Beatles have won the X Factor?

- Why can't Meerkats live in the North Pole?

- How can we make swim shorts for an alien?

- How can we capture the beauty of a wild animal?


Summer Term

- Why are humans not like tigers?

- Where do, and when did the wheels on the bus go?

- What are the differences between the rainforest and Hull?

- How can we make a moving vehicle?

- What would our underwater world look like?




Year 1 classes have PE Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

We need a white t-shirt, black shorts and a pair of sandshoes.

We also need to take our earrings out for PE lessons.


This half term, we have had lots of fun doing gymnastics with a gymnastics coach.



Our teachers give us homework every Wednesday. Everytime we complete out homework we recieve a stamp on our chart. When we fill our chart, we win a prize!






Colour Key


Year 1 Long Term Plan 2016 2017