Staff List

Executive Headteacher – Adelaide Primary School

Strategic School Improvement Lead – Humber Education Trust

Mr Plumridge


Head of school

Mrs Adkinson (Maternity leave)


Assistant Head Teachers 

Mrs Dodson (Acting Head of School)

Mrs Whitelam


Foundation Stage Phase Leader 

Miss Storey


Foundation Stage 1 teacher

Miss Storey

Foundation Stage 2 teacher

Miss Jordan

Mrs Williams


Key Stage One Phase Leader 

Miss Barnwell


Year 1 teacher

Miss Barnwell

Mrs Phillips


Year 2 teacher

Miss Johnson

Miss Rastall


Lower Key Stage Two Phase Leader 

Miss Harrison


Year 3 teacher

Miss Snowden

Miss Marin


Year 4 teacher

Miss Harrison

Mr Snitch


Upper Key Stage Two Phase Leader

Mrs Turvey


Year 5 teacher

Miss Nicholson

Ms Thompson


Year 6 teacher

Mr Butler

Mrs Hornsby


SEND specialist teacher

Mrs Bohl


Child protection coord

Mrs Cooke



Mrs Cooke


Office staff

Mrs Cawood (business manager)

Mrs Hall

Miss Tullock

Miss Johnson



Miss Coolledge

Miss Barker


Teaching assistants

Miss Barker (Maternity Leave)

Ms Bell

Miss H Betts

Miss Burn

Mrs Chambers

Mrs Clarke

Miss Cone

Miss Cooke

Mrs Easter (First aider)

Mrs Fanthorpe

Miss Geraghty

Miss Gilbey

Miss A Harrison

Mrs Horsefield

Miss Maynard

Miss Musgrave

Mrs Naylor

Miss Opray (Maternity Leave)

Miss Pea (Maternity Leave)

Mrs Ridge

Miss Robson

Mrs Rose

Mrs Russell

Miss A Salik

Miss Sharp (Maternity Leave)

Mr Smith

Miss Snell

Mrs G Walker

Miss Worth

Mrs Zacarias (Spanish PPA)



Mr Smithson


Cleaning operatives

Miss Hickson

Miss Smith

Mrs Mayamba-Nsiala

Miss Kombo Mazouka

Miss Burton


Sports coach

Mr Oakshott


Music teachers

Mr Lodge

Mr Laurence

Miss Siddle


IT support

Mr Smith


Lunch time supervisors

Miss Musgrave (senior supervisor)

Miss Young

Miss Smith

Mrs Penn

Mrs Nowak

Miss Miller

Mrs Mayamba-Nsiala

Mrs Jallow

Miss Kombo Mazouka

Miss Dodsworth

Miss Correia

Mrs Ali (maternity leave)

Miss Afanasjeva

Mrs Gorman