Staff List

Paul Plumridge

Deputy Headteacher
Suzanne Adkinson (safeguarding lead, curriculum coord, induction coord, assessment coord, LAC coord, NQT mentor, student/volunteer coord, TA coord, EAL coord)

Foundation Stage Assistant Head
Shelly Storey (FS1 teacher)

Foundation Stage 1 teacher
Mrs Williams (outdoor provision coord)

Foundation Stage 2 teacher
Lorna Philips (PSHE coord, indoor provision coord)

Foundation Stage 2 teacher
Laura Duke (DT coord)

Key Stage One Assistant Head
Michelle Dodson (Year 2 teacher)

Year 1 teacher
Vikki Barnwell (Science coord)
Christine Walker (Phonics coord, FS to KS1 transition coord)

Year 2 teacher
Fay Johnson (School council & SMSC coord)

Lower Key Stage Two Assistant Head
Catherine Whitelam (SENCO)

Year 3 teacher
Katie Snowden (PE coord)
Amy Nicholson (Art coord)

Year 4 teacher
Debbie Harrison (Hist & geog coord)
Ryan Snitch (NQT)

Upper Key Stage Two Assistant Head
Shauna Scott (Y6 teacher, Literacy Coord)

Year 5 teacher
Amy White (Maths coord)
Rebecca Turney (MFL coord)
Alex Wallis (music coord)

Year 6 teacher
Garry Butler (ICT coord)
Rachel Turvey (RE coord, Y6 to Y7 transition coord)

SEND specialist teacher
Hilary Bohl

Child protection coord
Mrs Cooke

Office staff
Lynn Cawood (business manager)
Ann Lincoln
Annabelle Broadhead (apprentice)
Olivia Tullock

Natalie Coolledge (first aider)
Kelly Barker (FS1)

Teaching assistants
Sharon Bell (First aider)
Sue Clarke
Sarah Cone
Laura Cooke
Tracey Easter (First aider)
Jackie Fanthorpe
Nicky Geraghty
Angela Harrison (KS1 PPA)
Julie Harrison
Shell Horsefield
Nabila Khan
Zaenab Marden
Ann Marie Musgrave (First aider, senior lunchtime assis & clubs coord)
Jackie Naylor
Chlo Maynard
Emma Oliveira
Penny Opray
Ann Ridge
Juliet Rose (first aider & lunchtime assistant)
Janet Russell
Rhiannon Sharp (KS1 PPA)
Caroline Snell (L4, FS & KS1 PPA)
Danielle Steele
Glynis Walker
Caitlin Worth
Alice Zacarias (Spanish PPA)

Andy Smithson

Cleaning operatives
Kerry Hickson
Sarah Smith
Gode Mayamba-Nsiala
Ann Kombo Mazouka
Emma Burton

Sports coach
Matt Robinson

Music teacher
Keith Lodge
Tom Laurence

IT support
Ian Alderson
Alex Smith (apprentice)

Lunch time supervisors
Ann Musgrave (senior supervisor)
Sadie Young
Sarah Smith
Helen Penn
Agnieszka Nowak
Kimberley Miller
Gode Mayamba-Nsiala
Donna Jallow
Ann Kombo Mazouka
Alison Dodsworth
Marisa Correia
Sara Ali
Aleksandra Afanasjeva