Foundation Stage 2

Welcome to Foundation Stage 2!


Our FS2 teachers are Miss Storey and Mrs Phillips - and our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Walker, Miss Bell, Miss Snell, Miss Ashton and Miss Geraghty.


Have a look around!



Our curriculum in FS2 is called Kinder Corner.

Our themes throughout the year are:


Getting along together

Welcome to School!

I am Amazing, I Feel Fine!

Those Nearest and Dearest

Season of Plenty

Head to Toe

What's on the Menu?

Sing a song, Paint a picture

Winter Weatherland

Day and Night, Dark and Light

Buggy about Spring

Words and Roads take us places

Safe and Sound

City Gardens and Country Farms

Fur and Feathers

Water Wonders

Earth day is Everyday


Here is our busy Timetable

Morning -

Key Skills (Register)

Let's Get Together

15 Minute Maths

Snack Time

Sound steps (Phonics and Reading)

Learning Labs

Tidy up

Write Away

Dinner Time



Rhyme Time

Let's Daydream

Learning Labs

Tidy up

Maths Mysteries

Outdoor Opportunities

Drink Time

Story Tree

Let's Think About It

Home Link

Home Time


Colour Key


FS2 end of year expectations